MAXIM’s Li-ion ModelGauge IC Solution

MAXIM has introduced ICs using ModelGauge, an advanced lithium-ion battery modeling algorithm, that continuously tracks a battery’s relative state of charge (SOC) over a wide range of charge/discharge conditions. The ModelGauge algorithm eliminates the current sense resistor and battery learning cycle required by other fuel gauges. Using the system’s microcontroller, temperature compensation is achieved.

main feature:

The MAX17058/MAX17059 ICs are tiny lithium-ion (Li+) battery fuel gauges in handheld and portable devices. The MAX17058 operates on a single-cell Li+ cell and two Li+ cells in the series MAX17059. With the battery inserted, the IC debounces initial voltage measurements to improve initial SOC estimates and keep them on the system side. SOC and voltage information access using the I2C interface. The IC is available in a tiny 0.9mm x 1.7mm, 8-bump wafer-level package (WLP) or in a 2mm x 2mm 8-pin TDFN package.

Key Features

MAX17058: 1 cell, MAX17059: 2 cell

Accuracy ±7.5mV/Cell voltage measurement

ModelGauge algorithm

Provide accurate country supervisor

Compensates for temperature/load changes

No accumulated error, with coulomb counter

eliminate learning

No current sense resistor required

Low Quiescent Current: 23μA

battery insertion debounce

Best estimated initial SOC for 16 samples

Programmable reset battery swap

2.28V to 3.48V range

Low SOC early warning indicator

I2C interface

MAXIM’s Li-ion ModelGauge IC Solution

Figure 1: 17058 Typical Application Circuit

Program features:

The solution EV kit is powered by a single-cell battery (MAX17058) and can be configured to evaluate a single-cell Li-ion battery (MAX17058) or two Li-ion cells in series (MAX17059).


Battery input voltage range

MAX17058: +2.5V to +4.5V

MAX17059: +2.5V to +12V

Powered by a Single-Cell Battery (MAX17058)

Evaluation of a Single-Cell (MAX17058) or 2-Cell (MAX17059) Battery

Voltage measurement accuracy of ±7.5mV per cell

No current sensing required

Onboard LDO for 2-Cell Evaluation (MAX17059)

Software compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

operating system

Proven PCB layout

Fully installed and tested

Reference schematic:

MAXIM’s Li-ion ModelGauge IC Solution

Figure 1 Reference schematic

Refer to PCB diagram

Figure 2: Reference component layer, solder layer

For details, see:

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