Maxos non-contact measurement offers time saving

The Maxos non-contact measurement system from Steintek has enabled Toshiba GE Turbine Components to reduce time required to inspect and measure steam turbine blades from 280 minutes to 45 minutes.

It uses five axes to reach every point on the blades and also generates measurements of critical areas Resulting measurements are reported instantly and the need for additional manual inspection is eliminated.

The Maxos uses a non-contact probe consisting of a concentrated light that collects individual points at a rate of 100 per second.

It can inspect turbine blades without having to apply a matt coating that introduces dimensional inaccuracy.

It provides accuracy of +/-0.01mm and a resolution between measured points down to 0.005mm.

The system can be provided with a resolution as low as 0.003mm.

The Maxos software is configured with an overall best fit of the measured geometry to allow a part with some error to fit within the overall tolerance envelope of the reference data.

Win3DS blade inspection software is configured to give different evaluations on mid-span, fillets, gaps and airfoils.

Different best-fits are available, including Gauss and Chebyshev.

The rotary axes are servo-controlled and are not indexed.

The Maxos does not require highly accurate fixturing of the blade because it scans the roots as an alignment procedure.

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