Mechanical Screw Jack Introdction

Mechanical Screw Jack Introdction

A mechanical screw jack is a very common type of jacks, which is manually used as a lifting member by a screw-drive screw or a nut sleeve. The ordinary screw jack supports the weight by the self-locking function of the thread, and the structure is simple, but the transmission efficiency is low and the return stroke is slow. The thread of the self-reducing screw top has no self-locking action and is equipped with a brake. When the brake is released, the weight can be quickly lowered by itself and the return time can be shortened, but the structure of the jack is complicated. The screw jack can support heavy objects for a long time, and the maximum lifting capacity has reached 100 tons, which is widely used.

After the horizontal screw is mounted on the lower part, the weight can be traversed at a small distance.

Screw jacks, also known as mechanical jacks, are mainly composed of cups, bases, nuts, screws, handles, etc.

The working principle of the machanical screw jack: the screw jack uses the screw drive to jack the heavy object, which is a

kind of lifting or pressing tool commonly used for mechanical installation or automobile repair. During operation, the

grommet passes through the circular hole in the upper part of the auger, turns the strut, and the screw rises through the

screw of the nut to lift the weight. The nut is set in the base and fixed with screws. A top pad is placed on the spherical top

of the screw. To prevent the top pad from falling off when the screw is rotated together, an annular groove is formed on

the top of the screw, and the end of a set screw is inserted into the annular groove to lock.

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