Medical products mould manufacturer China

The professional in providing medical use products mouldsChina Mould.

Medical use garbage moulds, medical use syringe moulds, measuring cup mould and so on.
For the medical garbage moulds must with high precise dimensions and high precise tooling.
We usually use our high speed CNC, SODICK EDM etc.
Mould steel we choose: 2311, 2738, 718H 
We make measuring moulds with multi-cavity, 4-cacity, 12-cavity, 24-cavity, 64-cavity… …
Mould steel material for core and cavity: Stavax S420
Hot runner: Anole point gate
Medical use syringe moulds: size about 0.5 to 100cc,
Cavities: 16~128 cavities
Mould core and cavity steel: Stavax S136, DIN1.2083
China Has succeed in providing our customer PET injection molding line, Syringe injection molding line, IML molding line.
If you want to learn more about us, pls do not hesitate to contact me.



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