Metal Rigging Product Heat Treatment Classification

Metal rigging product heat treatment classification

    Heat treatment plays a very important role in rigging industry. Products cover shackles, eye hooks, clevis hook, swivel hook, master link and connecting link, etc.

Heat treatment techniques can be divided into three main categories: general heat treatment, chemical heat treatment and deformation heat treatment.

    General heat treatment is a heat treatment method that simply uses temperature changes to improve the structure and properties of metals. Including: 1 annealing. That is, the metal is heated to a temperature above the critical point to obtain a high temperature phase, and then slowly cooled, so that the metal undergoes a solid phase transformation under conditions close to equilibrium to improve the metal during solidification, normal deformation, welding or previous heat treatment. Tissue; it is also possible to heat the metal to a temperature at which no phase change occurs, allowing the metal to eliminate internal stress or to recover and recrystallize the metal undergoing cold deformation. Annealing is a heat treatment in which the internal structure of the metal approaches an equilibrium state. If the medium is cooled at a medium speed after obtaining a high temperature phase, the metal is made finer than the annealed structure to achieve an effect similar to annealing, and at the same time it plays a role of improving performance, which is called normalizing. 2 quenching. The metal is heated to a temperature above the critical point to obtain a high temperature phase, and then rapidly cooled to obtain an unbalanced structure to maintain a high temperature phase or form a metastable phase, thereby utilizing the good performance of the high temperature phase and preparing for the next heat treatment. For example, only the second phase is dissolved at a high temperature (the substrate does not undergo a phase change), and then quenched to retain the high temperature solid solution state to room temperature. It is called solution heat treatment. 3 tempered. The subsequent treatment of quenching heats the unbalanced structure after quenching to a temperature below the critical point, bringing the metal closer to the equilibrium structure; and controlling the progress of the phase transformation to obtain a suitable structure and properties of the metal. The process of dissolving the second phase at room temperature after solution treatment or by heating to a lower temperature is referred to as "aging treatment".

    The chemical heat treatment utilizes the diffusion of the metal and the formation of the alloy phase to cause the metal to infiltrate different elements from the surface in a specific controllable medium, change the chemical composition and structure of the metal surface layer, and can be used in the subsequent heat treatment. The method by which a metal undergoes a phase change to improve its chemical, physical or mechanical properties. The elements that usually infiltrate are: carbon, nitrogen, boron, oxygen, sulfur, aluminum, chromium, silicon, vanadium, titanium, etc., and it is also possible to infiltrate various elements at the same time. The chemical heat treatment can be carried out in a gaseous, liquid or solid medium.

    Deformation heat treatment In the metal plastic processing process, the metal's normal deformation and phase transformation law, especially the dynamic interaction of deformation and phase transformation, are used to control the internal structure of the metal and improve its comprehensive performance. At present, important process developments include controlled rolling and post-forging residual heat quenching. These processes both improve the performance of the metal while reducing energy consumption.


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