Method for extending the life of CNC machining tools

Method for extending the life of cnc machining tools    Reasonable CNC machining tool selection and optimized machining methods are very important for improving machining efficiency and extending the life of CNC machining tools, especially when machining difficult-to-machine materials.
    A high-quality CNC machining tool for difficult-to-machine materials must have an ultra-fine-grain CNC machining tool base, a sharp machining angle, a strong machining edge, and a heat-resistant surface coating. According to the previous application experience of processing difficult materials, the reasonable selection of processing methods and parameters is very important for processing such difficult-to-machine materials. The use of special processing techniques is very effective for improving machining efficiency and extending the life of CNC machining tools.
    Regardless of the processing method used, the purpose is to minimize the temperature of the tool tip and the machined part of the machined part, to prevent surface hardening of the machined part and excessive temperature of the tool tip, to increase the heat dissipation area, and to control the machining force. For example, the use of cycloidal and large feed milling can improve the processing efficiency and extend the life of CNC machining tools.
    First, adequate cooling, proper line speed, effective chip breaking, and reasonable CNC machining tool wrap angles are very effective in controlling tip temperature. For CNC machines and CNC machining tools with internal cooling, the inner cooling function that is most conducive to cooling should be used as much as possible, so that the powerful high-pressure water flow takes a lot of processing heat to ensure that the processing area is kept within a certain temperature range. Even for machining equipment without internal cooling function, it is recommended to use the external cooling shank to enhance the cooling pressure and improve the cooling effect.

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