Ministry Of Industry And Information: Guide Part Of The Long-range Converter Blast Furnace Business Transformation Of Electric Furnace Enterprises To Promote The Rational Use Of Scrap Resources

Information Office of the State Council Holds a Press Conference on January 30, 2018 (Tuesday) at 10:00 am at the Press Office of the State Council Information Office and Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, introduces the development of the industrial communications industry in 2017

First, the market order has been standardized, and the phenomenon of deporting bad money by bad money has been effectively reversed. Second, steel prices gradually return to a reasonable range, significantly improved business efficiency. Third, the gradual flow of scrap resources to regular enterprises, the normal development of China's electric steel has created favorable conditions. Fourthly, the export order has obviously improved. While the export volume of steel products dropped sharply, the export price also rose to a reasonable range. Fifth, product quality can be improved. Because of the quality problems of steel products, the loopholes in the project of rubbish residue can be effectively prevented, and people's lives and property safety have been effectively protected. This year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will work with relevant departments to resolutely implement the deployment plan of the Central Committee and unswervingly work hard to further reduce the production capacity of steel. At work, we will further sort out the weak links so as to ensure that backward production capacity should be exhausted and strive to fulfill the target of 150 million tons of crude steel production capacity to be reduced by the 13th Five-Year Plan in advance. There are several main measures to be taken: First, to establish a long-term mechanism to combat strip steel and resolutely prevent it from resurging. In this regard, the determination of the Central Government is great and measures are also effective. Second, the disposal of "zombie business" as the starting point, unswervingly remove inefficient capacity. Third, we urge all localities to do a good job of replacing their production capacity, and forbid new steel production capacity. Fourth, we will intensify supervision and guidance to local authorities, decompose and implement this year's plan for going to steel capacity and ensure that we achieve our annual goals and tasks.

On the one hand, long-term steel enterprises increased the amount of scrap steel used; on the other hand, short-circuit steelmaking science is advantageous The development trend is taking shape. Next, MIIT will, together with relevant departments, step up policy research and guide the conversion of some of the long-run converter enterprises into electric furnace enterprises to promote the rational utilization of scrap resources without increasing their production capacity. Of course, this is a very policy-oriented and complex task requiring scientific planning, rational distribution and steady promotion. We must not rush into mass action.

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