Mounting Blocks Widely Used In Construction Area

Mounting Blocks widely used in Construction Area

Mounting Block is Generally used for lifting, compact structure, can be combined with other instruments; alloy refining strength is high, not easy to damage; can be used to change the direction of force, is the staff to work in the best position, improve work efficiency, widely used in building installation In the homework. It is widely used, and the device itself has all the characteristics of the pulley. It can change the direction of the wire rope and the wire rope pulled by the pulley, and lift and move the heavy object.


PINTEJIN Rigging lifting sling now has become leading enterprise in China. And we are creating the largest-scale and metal forging workshop.PINTEJIN has the complete production line from raw material to finished products. Each processing has independent workshop, making lifting sling, ratchet strap, car towing belt from 0.5T to 3000T. We are capable of finishing big order quickly.

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