Mu Xi was honored as one of KPMG China’s Top 50 “Core Technology” Emerging Enterprises

On November 7, 2021, Muxi Integrated Circuit (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Muxi”) was selected as the 2nd KPMG China “Core Technology” Emerging Enterprise 50 Selection List. Founder, Chairman and CEO of Muxi Chen Weiliang attended the award ceremony held at the 4th China International Import Expo and delivered a keynote speech at the KPMG chip technology special event.

The “Chip Technology” Emerging Enterprise 50 Selection List was established by KPMG China, the world’s leading professional service organization, with the purpose of promoting the development of China’s chip field and providing support for the growth of enterprises in this field, targeting non-listed companies that have made outstanding achievements in the domestic chip field New high-growth enterprises, through the comprehensive selection mechanism of online models and offline expert teams, select high-quality start-up enterprises to help enterprises innovate. Mu Xi was listed on the list for her technological breakthrough and value innovation in the field of domestic high-performance GPU chips.

Muxi was established in September 2020. As a cutting-edge start-up company, it has maintained rapid growth since its inception, showing strong talent appeal, industrial capital gathering, product R&D execution and industrial ecology. Downstream layout capabilities. Muxi is committed to providing high-performance GPU chips and solutions with completely independent intellectual property rights for various applications such as heterogeneous computing. application prospects.

Since its establishment more than a year ago, the company has assembled hundreds of R&D teams with local senior IC professionals as the backbone, and set up R&D centers in many places across the country. Thanks to its strong team strength, highly focused product planning, and the collaboration of multiple R&D centers, Muxi has achieved a number of breakthroughs in the research and development of high-performance GPU chips. In other respects, nearly 70 new inventions and innovations have been created within one year, 19 patents have been applied for, and the first high-performance GPU chip product will also be taped out next year.

The industry and brand influence brought by the rapid growth of Muxi has also attracted widespread attention from the investment community. Since its establishment, it has completed four rounds of billions of RMB financing, and continues to lead the process of domestic high-performance GPU industrialization. Especially in the A round of financing, Mu Xi, the “national team” represented by the National Research Fund and China Net Investment, was interested in the localization and independent control of high-performance GPUs for my country’s integrated circuit industry and even the entire nation. The importance of economic development. As a representative of China’s “core” power, Mu Xi is also shouldering the important task of laying out core key technologies and assisting the localization of high-end GPU chips.

Chen Weiliang, founder, chairman and CEO of Muxi, delivered a speech on the theme of “Demand and Opportunities for Universal Computing Power” at the event. He mentioned that computing power is the telescope for human cognition of the world today, and it is also the engine of the digital age. In the era of digital economy, computing power, as an important part of new infrastructure, has become the core driving force for the development of the digital economy, which has a decisive impact on the development of the country and is an important weapon for major powers. The GPU is the “jewel in the crown” of the chip industry, and its powerful parallel data computing capability has become the computing power basis for general computing. Mu Xi’s mission is to help my country’s chip industry and digital economy take off.

Chen Weiliang said:

Thank you KPMG China for your attention and affirmation of Mu Xi, and I am honored to share the opportunity and importance of computing power with you here. This list is the epitome of the continuous innovation and progress of Chinese chip companies. Although these 50 companies are engaged in different fields, it is expected that we can work together to promote the innovation and localization of core technologies, and truly integrate computing power, algorithms and applications. Combined, it provides a strong support for the rise of the national economy.

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