National Standard For Forging Rigging And Rigging Slings

National Standard for Forging Rigging and Rigging Slings

a) lifting hook

1, the type of hook

      The hook has two forms: single hook and double hook.

(1) Single hook: It is a commonly used hook. It is simple in structure and convenient to use. The material is generally made 

of 20# high quality carbon steel or 20Mn, and the maximum lifting capacity is no more than 80 tons.

(2) Double hooks: When the lifting weight is large, double hooks are used, and the force is evenly symmetrical. The material 

is generally forged from 20# high-quality carbon steel or 20Mn, and the lifting equipment of more than 80 tons is usually 

double hook.

      The laminated hook is riveted by cutting and forming a plurality of steel plates. Since the hook plates are not broken at

 the same time, the working reliability is better than that of the integrally forged hooks, and the disadvantage is that the 

weight and the size are large.

2. The scrapping standard of the hook

(1) The hook has cracks, 

(2) the dangerous section wears up to 10% of the original size, 

(3) the opening degree increases by 15% compared with the original size, 

(4) the torsional deformation exceeds 10 degrees, 

(5) the dangerous section or the hook Plastic deformation of the neck

Note: Cracks or wear on the hooks cannot be repaired.

2) Common end fittings for rigging components

        Shackles, lifting rings, eye hooks, rope cards, clamps, etc. are the main end fittings that constitute the slings and 

spreaders. The correct use is directly related to the safety of the spreaders and rigging.

Accessories requirements: must be manufactured by a professional manufacturer in accordance with the corresponding standards.

          Rated load in technical parameters

          According to the specified safety factor is not less than 4


3, end hook as rigging comnopents:    

There are many types of end hooks, and different types of end hooks can be selected to form spreaders and slings for

 different purposes. Commonly used are: clevis hook, eye hook, swivel hook, S hook, etc., 

The usage must follow working load and breaking load.


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