No-Spill Ice Cube Tray Silicone Material Molds Wholesale

Wholesale ice cube tray, Similar silicone products with ice trays amazon. A cheap price no-spill ice cube trays provide by China supplier. We are a factory in China, producing food grade silicone kitchenware and silicone molds. And silicone ice cube making mold is a small part of our products. If you are interest in the no-spill ice cube tray today I introduce, welcome to contact us.
Wholesale no spill ice cube traysThis silicone ice cube tray with lid made from food grade silica gel, can pass FDA, LFGB test.Its size is 27 * 13.1 * 3.45 cm, weight 290 g.
This square shape ice cube tray is flexible and reusable.  And silicone ice cube trays smell good, non toxic and odorless.
It can make big size ice cube. If you are not satisfy with some details of this ice cube making trays, we also offer OEM & ODM service. You canCUSTOM SIZECUSTOM LOGOCUSTOM COLORSEVENCUSTOM YOUR OWN DESIGN MOLDSDo not hesitate, your message is welcome.

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