Not only the Journey 5 chip, TogetherOS? open source system, what did Horizon talk about tonight?

On the evening of July 29th, Horizon held a “Joining the Journey, Going Together” – a high-performance and large-computing vehicle intelligent computing platform and strategy conference in Shanghai. At the press conference, Horizon officially released the industry’s first full-scenario vehicle intelligent central computing chip, Journey 5, as well as an all-scenario vehicle intelligent solution and an all-scenario vehicle intelligent computing platform based on Journey 5.

At the same time, Yu Kai, founder and CEO of Horizon, announced that TogetherOS, the first open-source secure real-time operating system in China, will be launched. Based on the open source kernel seL4, the new system is compatible with mainstream vehicle chip platforms including Journey, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm. It can realize single-core multi-OS, and is compatible with mainstream operating systems such as Linux, Android, Zebra, and Hongmeng. Domain security isolation. The new operating system has the characteristics of “open software architecture”, “high scalability” and “support for multiple scenarios”.

At the press conference, Horizon announced that TogetherOS? Lion Technology has reached an ecological partnership.

According to the plan, SAIC Roewe’s new-generation RX5 will be the first model equipped with the Journey 5 chip.

Yu Kai pointed out that there are three major problems in the current intelligent driving computing solution: waste of computing power, ecological lack and data risk.

Horizon has always been committed to solving the common problems of these three industries as its own responsibility. In Yu Kai’s view, the intelligent central computing chip for the whole vehicle of Journey 5 is released to solve the above problems, and is the most proud and proud product.

As the industry’s first full-scenario vehicle intelligent central computing chip that integrates automatic driving and intelligent interaction, Journey 5 series single-chip AI computing power can reach up to 128TOPS, support 16 cameras, and its performance surpasses Tesla’s FSD. Meet the mass production needs of automakers for high-level autonomous driving.

Based on the Journey 5 series chips, Horizon will launch a series of intelligent driving central computers with AI computing power of 200 to 1000TOPS, with the industry’s highest 1283FPS (frame per second, frames per second) performance and the lowest power consumption. In addition, the chip has the industry’s lowest latency of 60ms and the lowest power consumption of 30Watt.

With the launch of the Journey 5 series, Horizon has become the only full-scenario vehicle smart chip solution provider covering L2 to L4.

Based on the Journey 5 chip, Horizon will launch a Bayesian BPU (Brain Processing Unit) architecture with large-scale heterogeneous near-memory computing, highly flexible concurrent data bridges, and systolic tensor computing cores. Bayesian BPU focuses on the latest neural network architecture, co-optimizes BPU design with modern neural networks, and supports AI operators in different road scenarios; at the same time, it utilizes the latest innovations in AI accelerated computing to optimize BPU low-volume for real-time autonomous driving workloads , high performance; and ensure the safety of autonomous driving functions, and achieve real AI performance output that surpasses competitors.

In addition, Horizon also launched the Matrix 5 full-scenario vehicle intelligent central computing platform and the Horizon Matrix SuperDrive full-scenario vehicle intelligent solution.

According to Zhang Yufeng, vice president of Horizon and general manager of the intelligent driving product line, Matrix 5 has four major characteristics: super AI computing power, rich heterogeneous computing; open, flexible and easy to use, helping partners to innovate independently; rich interfaces, high-speed interconnection, functional Security + information security, double protection. Matrix 5 launch partners include Continental, Neusoft Reach, Luxshare and Liancheng Development.

According to the plan, in July 2021, the urban self-driving real car demo based on the Journey 5 chip will be released; in the second quarter of 2022, the domain controller hardware built by partners based on the Journey 5 will be mass-produced; and in the fourth quarter of 2022 Quarterly, SuperDrive will achieve mass production SOP.

In September 2020, Horizon passed the T?V ISO 26262 functional safety process certification, indicating that Horizon has established a complete product development process system that meets the highest level of automotive functional safety, ASIL D, in accordance with the ISO 26262:2018 standard. Horizon also became the first Chinese AI chip company to obtain ISO 26262 functional safety process certification.

On May 9, 2021, the Journey 5 series chips were successfully taped out earlier than the scheduled schedule and successfully lit up. On July 5, 2021, Horizon officially announced that the Journey 5 chip has successfully passed the SGS-T?V ISO 26262 ASIL-B Ready functional safety product certification.

On July 15, 2021, Horizon successfully opened the prototype of the visual perception system based on Journey 5, realizing urban scene support, end-to-end real-time environmental perception, and full-element result output. This means that after the successful tape-out and smooth lighting, Journey 5 has opened up another key node and is one step closer to mass production.

At the press conference, Yu Kai also announced that Horizon will upgrade its mission and vision. In the future, Horizon’s mission will change from “Empowering all things and making everyone’s life safer and better” to “Empowering machines to make human life safer and better”; and its vision will change from “Becoming an edge AI chip” The global leader” was changed to “Horizon’s edge intelligent computing platform in every car”.

In addition, Horizon also released a new cultural value: “achieve customers, endure loneliness”.

Founded in June 2015 and headquartered in Beijing, Horizon is a provider of artificial intelligence algorithms and chip design solutions. Its founder is Yu Kai, former dean of Baidu Deep Learning Research Institute. Thanks to the concept of combining software and hardware, Horizon independently develops edge AI chips and solutions that balance efficiency and openness, and can provide comprehensive and open enabling services for intelligent driving and broader general AI applications. At present, Horizon is the only company in China that has achieved mass production of automotive smart chips.

Focusing on the core needs of the smart car industry, Horizon relies on the five core capabilities of automotive smart chips, tool chains, product solutions, an open one-stop AI development tool platform, and the ultimate local service, and cooperates with automotive ecological partners to accelerate smart driving innovation products. When it matures, the vegetation is prosperous, allowing people to have a safer and better driving experience.

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