Oil bottle handle mould maker

Bottle handle mould supplier China is a professional mould maker for daily using moulds and packing moulds.We supply our people a turnkey project for bottle mass production line.Bottle mass production line include PET preform mould,PET injection molding machines,Blowing machines,blow mould,cap moulds and injection molding machines,and sometimes required bottle handle mould for oil bottles.

Oil bottle handle mould maker China offer you different types of handle moulds,which is suitable for different sizes of bottles.We make the oil bottle handle mould with hot runner system,and the parting line for the handles must be very good.

If you plan to invest in bottle mass production line,please feel free to contact me.We will give you our best solution for bottle mass production line.oil bottle handle mould manufacturer,bottle handle mould supplier China,oil bottle handles mass production,lids supplier for oil bottle,oil bottle handle molding line


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