on Application and characteristics of wire rope clips China JBY Supply

The wire rope clamp is mainly used for temporary connection of the wire rope, the fixing of the back hand rope when the wire rope goes through the trolley set and the fixing of the wind rope head of the rope on the pick rod. It is a widely used wire rope clamp for hoisting and lifting operations. Usually there are 3 kinds of wire rope clips: riding, boxing and pressing. Among them, riding card is the most powerful standard wire rope clip, which is the most widely used. Second, because there is no base, it is easy to damage the wire rope, and the connection force is poor, so it is only used in secondary places.

Uses of wire rope clips:

1、Usage: Carbon steel casting wire rope clamp head is often used for static binding, cable tension cable fastening, such as power, communication lines, binding and so on.            The forged steel wire rope clamp head is often used for lifting and loading, such as various engineering lifting machinery, metallurgical mining equipment, oil field derrick, port railway loading and unloading, forestry machinery, electric equipment, aviation and marine, land transportation, engineering rescue, salvage sunken ship, lifting, hoisting, hauling rope of factories and mining enterprises.

2、Product characteristics: with the strength of steel wire rope, safe use, beautiful appearance transition smoothly, hoisting operation safety load, can withstand impact load, long service life.

3. Product quality: Strictly implement the international standards and national standards of this technology in production, and carry out sampling inspection according to its requirements. The test pieces must reach the same strength as the steel wire rope, that is, the breaking and pressing parts of the steel wire rope do not slip, do not break off and crack continuously.

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