on Cautions for safe use of sling China JBY Supply

1. Safety precautions for sling loads:

The weight of the lifting object shall not exceed the limit working load of the sling. Before use, visual inspection shall be carried out on the used sling, and its limit working load shall be checked according to the lifting load of the sling. It can be used only after meeting the requirements. The same is true for the complete set of lifting sling.

2. Safety precautions for sling maintenance:

Hangers are not allowed to repair or reprocess by themselves (welding, heating, heat treatment, surface chemical treatment). If the above treatment must be carried out, it should be sent back to the original manufacturer or under the guidance of experts from the original manufacturer, such as chain sling, etc.

3. Safety precautions for sling operation:

When lifting heavy objects, it is strictly forbidden for people to stand under heavy objects, such as suspension belt combined hanger and wire rope combined hanger.

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