on D-type shackle quality depends on quenching hardness China JBY Supply

The quality of D-type shackle products is directly related to the safety of its application. Therefore, the quality of D-type shackles has always been the focus of attention. The main criteria for evaluating the quality of D-type shackle products are tensile strength and hardness of quenching and tempering. Today I will talk about the effect of quenching hardness on the quality of D-type shackles.
According to scientific analysis, the quality of D-type shackle mainly depends on quenching hardness. The material of D-type Shackle of Qingdao JBY rigging is made of high quality carbon steel forging. Forging heat quenching is the most typical high temperature thermomechanical treatment process with high austenitizing temperature, which can significantly improve the strength and toughness of steel, especially the impact toughness at low temperature.
D-type unloading forging hot quenching has the dual effect of deformation strengthening and heat treatment strengthening. Forging hot quenching can reduce the cooling rate of steel. Forging hot quenching is direct quenching using the waste heat of forgings. Thus, the hardenability of D-type shackle is improved, and the tempering stability of forging and hot quenching can effectively reduce the stress and improve the toughness of steel. After forging, heat quenching and high temperature tempering, small and medium size D-type shackle can indirectly prolong the life of D-type shackle.

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