on Hoisting equipment hook maintenance knowledge China JBY Supply

As a kind of common lifting device, the importance of daily maintenance of hook can not be underestimated to eliminate potential safety hazards. Maintenance is the most indispensable. Daily inspection and maintenance include the following:

1. Wipe the main hook clean;

2. Check all bolts and bolts to ensure that all opening pins are complete and open.

3. Check whether the pulley groove and flange wear is uniform, whether the wire rope matches the groove, whether the pulley is loose or swaying.

4. Ensure that the rotating part of the hook rotates freely and the clearance should not be too large. If it is difficult to rotate or feel stuck, it is necessary to check whether bearings, bushes are damaged or lubricated insufficiently.

5. Check the overload damage of the main hook.

6. Check side plate elongation, hole diameter elongation, bolt bending or elongation, cracks, etc.

7. Check the anti-decoupling device.

Daily maintenance of the hook will eliminate some hidden dangers in the budding state, which is not only responsible for the progress of the project, but also for the life and property of the construction personnel.

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