on Knowledges of the Use and Maintenance of Riggings China JBY Supply

Keep rigging properly during hoisting

Protect rigging when lifting rigging. The rigging should be kept away from the edges of sharp objects, avoid dragging friction leading to wear, avoid grabbing and high-load operation, and take appropriate protective measures when necessary.            Choose rigging correctly and stay away from chemical damage. According to the different uses of rigging, the materials used are also different. In different environments or chemical pollution.

Correct storage rigging after use

After the rigging is finished, it must be recovered and stored correctly. Storage should first check whether the rigging is in good condition, the damaged rigging should be recovered, not stored. If it is no longer used in a short time, it must be stored in a well-ventilated dry room, properly placed on the shelf, to avoid direct sunlight and heat sources, away from chemical gases and articles. Keep the surface of rigging clean and do a good job of damage prevention.

Use the right connection

When choosing the specifications of rigging, the shape, size, weight and operation mode of the load object should be inspected and calculated. At the same time, external environmental factors and possible conditions under extreme conditions should be added into the calculation method. When choosing the type of rigging, we should choose the rigging according to the way of use. We should not only have enough ability to meet the needs of use, but also consider whether the length of rigging is appropriate.

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