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The diameter of the wire rope is 18mm, the steel wire (no plating), 6 strand of natural fiber core, right twist twist , the tensile strength of the steel wire is 1770MPa, the minimum breaking tension of the steel wire is 176kN, and the weight of 100m is 112kg per 100m.

This example is abbreviated as: 18NAT6 x 19+NF.

A brief description of the characteristics of the wire rope:

The surface state of steel wire: NAT – light surface steel wire;

ZAA – a grade galvanized steel wire.

Wire rope core: FC – fiber core (natural or synthetic);

NF – natural fiber core;

SF – synthetic fiber core;

IWR – metal wire core.

Wire rope structure: double twisting wire rope is marked from outside to the center, the number of total shares is marked by layers, and the structure of the stock is marked in brackets. The structure of each share is also marked by the outward center, indicating the number of layers of steel wire, the number of wires per layer is separated by “+”, and the rope core is separated by “+” number. For example, the structural type 6 (9+9+1) +NF indicates that the wire rope is 6 strand natural fiber core, 19 silk per share, 9 wires per layer, plus a steel wire core.

Selection of wire rope

The material of wire rope core is natural fiber core, synthetic fiber core and steel wire core, and natural fiber core has the largest usage. The lubricating oil in the core of the wire rope is to reduce the friction and corrosion resistance between the rope and the wire.

When the wire rope is in the same diameter, it is known that the tensile strength is low, the more steel wire in the rope per share, the smaller the diameter of the wire, the better the flexibility of the wire rope, but the wire rope is easy to wear. On the contrary, the thicker the wire diameter of each rope is, the worse the flexibility of the wire rope and the wear resistance of the wire rope. Therefore, different types of wire ropes have different ranges of use. According to the actual needs of hoisting and lifting operations, in general, the selection of wire ropes can be considered as:

(1) 6 x 19+NF (6 * 19) wire ropes: used as cable ropes, cables and rigging for lifting sling, generally used in areas where bending load is small or worn.            (2) 6 x 37+NF (6 * 37) wire rope: it is used for strapping various objects, equipment and hoisting tackle and lifting sling rigging in lifting operation. The rope is used when it is bent.

(3) 6 x 61+NF (6 * 61) wire rope: used for binding all kinds of objects. The rope is small in rigidity and easy to bend. It is used in places with little force.            The steel wire rope with the same direction twist is smooth and soft. It has good bending fatigue resistance and is more durable. The drawback is that the ropes are easily loosened when the rope ends are broken. When hanging heavy objects, it is easy to rotate and twist easily. Therefore, it should not be used separately in the hoisting.

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