on Operation management of hoisting machinery China JBY Supply

1. management of operators

Operators should learn and master the relevant knowledge of the structure, working principle, technical performance, safety operating procedures, maintenance and maintenance system of the hoisting machinery used and the relevant national laws, regulations and standards before they go on duty. After the local technical supervision department training to obtain theoretical knowledge and practical operation skills of two aspects of assessment, qualified, can be on duty operation.

2.       “Three fixed” management of lifting appliances            “Three fixed” management is designated person, fixed machine, fixed post system. The “three definitions” system of hoisting machinery is firstly the formulation of the system and the determination of the form of the system, in which the person and the machine are the basis. Everyone is required to have posts and responsibilities, and the operation and management of the crane platform is the guarantee of “fixed post” responsibility.

3. regular inspection and maintenance management            Hoisting machinery users should inspect and maintain the hoisting machinery in use regularly, and formulate a regular inspection management system, including daily inspection, weekly inspection, monthly inspection, annual inspection, dynamic monitoring of the crane, abnormal situations are found at any time, timely treatment, so as to ensure the safe operation of hoisting machinery.

(1) daily inspection.            Drivers are responsible for routine maintenance projects, the main contents of cleaning and hygiene, lubrication transmission parts, adjustment and fastening work. By running and testing the safety device, it is sensitive and reliable to monitor whether there is abnormal voice in operation.

(2) weekly inspection.            Maintenance workers and drivers jointly carry out, in addition to daily inspection items, the main content is the appearance inspection, inspection hook, pick-up device, wire rope and other use of safety status, brake, clutch, emergency alarm device sensitivity, reliability, through the operation of the transmission parts observed abnormal sound, and overheating phenomenon.

(3) monthly inspection.            Inspection is organized by the equipment safety management department and carried out jointly with the personnel concerned in the use department. In addition to the contents of weekly inspection, the state inspection is mainly carried out on the power system, lifting mechanism, rotary mechanism, operation mechanism and hydraulic system of hoisting machinery, replacing parts which are worn, deformed, cracked and corroded, and the electrical control system is operated. Check whether the feeding device, controller, overload protection and safety protection device are reliable. Examine the fault symptom caused by the leakage, pressure, temperature, vibration and noise of hoisting machinery by testing and running. The structure, support and transmission parts of the crane are subjectively inspected by observation. The technical status of the crane is understood and the fault sources of abnormal phenomena are checked and determined.

(4) annual inspection.            The head of the equipment safety management department shall be organized by the leadership of the unit to take the lead and be carried out jointly with the relevant departments. In addition to the monthly inspection items, the technical parameters and reliability tests of the lifting machinery shall be carried out. The wear of the moving parts of the lifting machinery and the working mechanisms, the welds of the metal structures and the flaws shall be inspected by the inspection instruments, and the safety shall be ensured. The operation of the lifting equipment is evaluated by the tests of all devices and components. Arrange for overhaul, renovation and renewal plan.

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