on Outstanding Performance and Characteristics of Turnbuckle China JBY Supply

Turnbuckles is mainly used for tightening or adjusting tension. It can be used for chain, steel rope and steel support. Make sure that at least 25% of the screw length has entered the main body of the basket screw.

When using turnbuckles, we must strictly abide by the rated load of turnbuckle. Excessive frequent use and overload use are not allowed. In particular, the operator should be reminded not to stand under lifting equipment and lifting gear during lifting. It is used to tighten the wire rope and adjust the tightening effect. OO type is used to in occasions where it is not often disassembled, CC type is used in occasions where it is often disassembled, and CO type is used in occasions where one end is often disassembled and the other end is not often disassembled.










Turnbuckles, refers to the processing method of forgings with simple universal tools or direct external force between the upper and lower anvils of forging equipment to deform the billet and obtain the required geometric shape and internal quality. The quality is stable, the specifications are complete, the goods are sufficient, the price is low, and the delivery is convenient. It has the same strength as steel wire rope, safe use, beautiful appearance, smooth transition, large safety load in hoisting operation, resistance to impact load and long service life.

It can be used in various engineering lifting machinery, metallurgical mining equipment, oil field derrick, port railway loading and unloading, forestry machinery, electric power equipment, aviation and sea, land transportation, engineering rescue, salvaging sunken ships, lifting, lifting and traction rigging of factories and mining enterprises.

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