on Performance characteristics and maintenance of die forging shackles China JBY Supply

Performance characteristics of die forging Shackles:

1. The unloading body is forged by high-quality carbon structure or alloy structure and stops heat treatment. It has small volume and high strength.

2. The experimental load of the shackle is 2 times the limit working load, and the breaking load is 4 times the limit working load.

Forging and shackle maintenance

1, shackles are not allowed to pile up, and even do not allow pressure stacking to avoid shackle deformation.

2, when the shackles appear cracks and deformation, it is strictly prohibited to use welding and heating bending methods to repair shackles.

3. The appearance of the unloading should be rust-proof and maintained. It is not allowed to store in acid, alkali, salt, chemical gas, wet and high temperature environment.

4. The shackle is kept by the special person and stored in a ventilated and dry center.

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