on Performance of shackle products China JBY Supply

Product usage and precautions

1. In production operation, check whether the unloading buckle is defective, whether the model matches, whether the connection is firm and reliable.

2. prohibit the use of bolts or metal bars instead of pins.

3. no impact or collision is allowed during lifting. It should be moved at constant speed.

4.  The pin shaft should be flexibly rotated in the bearing hole.

5. the body of the shackle shall not bear the transverse bending moment, that is, the bearing capacity should be in the plane of the body.

6. the maximum working load of the shackle is also adjusted when the bearing capacity of the plane is different.

7. the maximum angle between the legs of the shackle shall not be greater than 120 degrees .

8. the shackles should properly support the load, that is, the shaft must be driven along the center line of the shackle. On line, avoid bending, unstable load and overload.

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