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During the use of wire ropes, regular inspections must be carried out according to the regulations, and the inspection results shall be carefully recorded. By monitoring the wire rope at any time, it provides a basis for safe and reasonable use of wire rope. Application process inspection includes two parts: external inspection and internal inspection.            1. inspection site            Strictly speaking, the performance of the wire rope begins to decrease after being put into use. Therefore, in the course of its use, all parts of the full-length should be inspected. It is difficult to inspect the whole wire rope objectively, but for those parts that have been proved to be easily damaged by practice, it must be checked frequently and carefully, because once the serious damage can not be found in time, it is likely to have disastrous consequences. After the wire rope is suddenly loaded, the wire rope entering and leaving the pulley and the rope slot should be examined carefully. As for the wire rope used for insertion, it can not be as regular as the normal twisting part, which directly affects the good contact between the wire rope and the matching groove, making it the most easily broken wire.            External inspection of 2. wire rope            (1) diameter checking is an extremely important parameter for wire ropes. By measuring the diameter, it can reflect the change speed of the diameter, the greater impact load of the wire rope, and the uniform tension of the rope when the rope is twisted, and whether the rope core has enough support to the rope.            (2) wear detection is inevitable during the wearing process of wire ropes. Through the inspection of the wear of the wire rope, the contact condition of the wire rope and the matching wheel can be reflected, and the actual bearing capacity of the wire rope is speculated on the condition that the wear degree of the steel wire can not be tested at any time.            (3) wire breaking inspection will definitely break down after the wire rope is put into use, especially in the later stage of application, the development speed of broken wire will increase rapidly. Since the wire rope is not possible to stop running in the course of use, it is not allowed to continue (although it is not allowed for the new wire rope), so it can not only speculate on the continuous bearing capacity of the wire rope, but also according to the appearance of the wire breaking examination, especially the inspection of the broken wire in a twist distance. The development speed of broken wire roots can indirectly predict the fatigue life of wire rope.            (4) under the condition of lubrication inspection, most of the new steel wire rope has been lubricated in production, but in the process of use, the grease will be lost. In view of the fact that lubrication can not only protect the steel rope during transportation and storage, it can also reduce the friction between steel wire, rope and wire rope and the matching groove in the use of wire rope, so it is very useful for prolonging the service life of the wire rope, so that the damage of corrosion and friction to the wire rope is harmful. It is very necessary to reduce lubrication to the lowest level.            Although sometimes the surface of a wire rope is not necessarily coated with lubricating oil (such as antifriction oil), the lubrication inspection is still very important from the view of anticorrosion and meeting the special needs.

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