on Repair of wire rope in use China JBY Supply

As a part of rigging, wire rope rigging plays a very important role in hoisting engineering. However, the wire rope can not be used casually, in the process of hoisting there are also a lot of things to pay attention to. Below, give you a brief introduction to the use of wire rope hoisting rigging.            1. When the rigging rigging with aluminum alloy is used for pressing joints, metal should not be subjected to radial force or bending moment.            2, objects such as metal pins and so on which are worn into soft objects should have enough connection strength, and the diameter should not be less than 2 times the nominal diameter of wire rope sling.            3. Wire rope rigging shall not be dragged on the ground; no rigging with welding scar shall be used; wire rope rigging shall not be used as the welding wire.            4. Hooks and shackles should not be welded or drilled. There should be no defects such as cracks, sharp angles and over burning.            5. The thickness of the lifting lug and other rigging fittings that are connected with the shackle pin shall not be less than the pin diameter.            6, when lifting the lifting weight, it should meet the following requirements: the possibility of the rigging without any buckle; the terminal connection method is correct and reliable; the bending radius of the rigging is more than 2 times the nominal diameter of the wire rope; in the use of the rigging, the natural forming of the knotting angle must not be squeezed, but the final eye, casing or insert connection and its accessories should be safe. All dependable; multi limb rigging must not be entangled with each other

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