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Metal corrosion is a spontaneous process of metal transformation from high potential energy unit to compound. Sling gear is a hardware and mechanical tool. Without effective protective measures, corrosion will be inevitable. Therefore, the sling will face the problem of anti-rust in the process of production, storage and transportation.
Anti-rust of sling includes anti-rust sealing of finished products and anti-rust of process. The finished sling is usually coated with rust-proof oil, supplemented by internal and external packaging. Suspension products that need further processing, such as wire rope hangers, can not be pulled out after the surface is oiled, and must be removed before pickling and coating treatment, which brings a series of inconveniences to the production enterprises of suspension hangers. It not only invests human and material resources, but also pollutes the environment.
Sodium nitrite-based rust-proof water, though less rust-proof than rust-proof oil, is still widely used in sling processing because of its energy-saving, cheap and easy to use. However, sodium nitrite is a carcinogenic substance, which is easy to absorb moisture and is not suitable for use in wire drawing production of sling, so its application scope is gradually limited.
In summary, how to carry out more convenient and environmentally friendly anti-rust suspension is still an important topic for future research in the suspension industry.

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