on Specification for safe use of shackles China JBY Supply

Shackle,Eyebolt, Hoist hook,Wire rope   are the main end fittings of sling rope and hanger.

Whether they are used correctly or not is directly related to the load-bearing safety of hanger and hanger.

The standard use of shackles can extend the service life of shackles and ensure the safety of personnel in the process of consumption.

1 shackles use matters needing attention  operators can use shackles in front of training.

2, before the operation, check whether all the shackle models can match, and whether the joint can be strong and reliable.            3, stop using bolts or metal bars instead of pin.

4. No impact or collision is allowed during lifting.

5, the pin should be rotated in the hole again, which is not sensitive to clamping.

6, the shackle body can not accept transverse bending moment, that is, the bearing capacity should be in the plane of the body.     7. The maximum working load of the shackle is also adjusted when the bearing capacity of the body plane is different.

8. The maximum angle between the two leg locks with the shackle should not be greater than 120 degrees.

9, shackles should correctly support the load, that is, the force should be along the axis of the shackle’s centerline. Prevent bending, unstable loads, and overload.

10, prevent eccentric load of shackle.

11. When unloading and matching with the wire rope lock as the binding lock, the transverse pin of the unloading should be partly connected with the lock hole of the wire rope lock, so as to avoid friction between the wire rope and the unloading lock when the lock is lifted, thus forming the transverse pin rotation and causing the transverse pin and the fastener to disengage.

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