on The difference between the nominal size and the actual size of a hoist China JBY Supply

The customer in the hoisting gear (such as the hoisting belt) will be elongated in the use process, so its size is not the same, there are two statements between the nominal size and the actual size, so it is easy to cause conceptual confusion, so today JBY rigging will tell you about this.            The nominal size of the sling is the size of the product specifications, and the actual size is the size of your own measurement. The specifications and models of interest are: 5t*10m, after the actual receipt of the goods, you measure the size of 5t*11.05m, then 10m is nominal size, and 11.05m is the actual size, and after a period of time, the nominal size of the suspension cable or 10m, but the actual size may have a new change. JBY the explanation of rigging is that you should be able to distinguish the nominal size and actual size of the rigging.            When the nominal size and the actual size of the hanging rigging differ to a certain degree, it also means that the hoisting rigging should be scrapped. The specific difference should be determined according to the types of hoisting rigging and the time of use, so the customer should pay more attention to the safety problem.

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