on Turnbuckle common maintenance China JBY Supply

The rigging of a kind of rigging, such as open flower orchid and so on, can be done with the spraying method of twist strands if the surface is oiled, the open flower orchid factory is sometimes used for dip coating later.  It means that the spray is used to pressurize the heated oil and send it to the connection of the rope so that the oil will flow into the twist cone, and the oil is filled with every gap between various parts. The spray equipment can be prepared separately. Spray method has many advantages, for example, the oil is evenly distributed, and the quality of oiled oil is also good.  The core of the application method is to oil the surface of the steel wire, then set up an oil tank in the right place, and then press the oil in the oil into the oil. Oil can also be carried out by pouring the oil on the surface of the parts. But in the actual production process, the turnbuckle factory believes that the use of this method of oil coating is easy to produce leakage, and the quality is not satisfactory, because the oil can only be coated on the surface, the inner layer has no way to apply, so the service life of the open flower orchid is very short.

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