on Use method and waste standard of wire rope China JBY Supply

1. Wire rope suspender shall have product qualification certificate, technical data and instruction manual. Steel wire rope with no technical data and no product qualification certificate shall be prohibited.

2. Steel wire rope is strictly prohibited to overload. It is forbidden to use steel wire rope to wear another wire rope to hang objects after lengthening.

3. The wire rope and shackle used in the selection should match the heavy load. Be careful not to twist when lifting.

4. The wire rope should be made of the whole rope and no joints should be allowed in the middle. After the wire rope is used, it should be checked and maintained first, then stored.

5. In principle, it is not allowed to use a rope sleeve. In special circumstances, it is necessary to be used by the security personnel. The length of the knitted rope sleeve should not be less than 15 times or 300 millimeters of the diameter of the wire rope. Conveyor Parts, the new wire rope should be made by the weight of the rated weight and 2 times the weight of the weight. Use.

6, in the process of use, we should strengthen the inspection of the wire rope. It is found that the wire, corrosion, deformation and damage should be replaced immediately and no more use.

7. According to the use of the wire rope and the working environment and the type of wire rope, the wire rope is maintained in a timely manner, and the lubricating oil or grease is painted. The oil and grease painted should be adapted to the technical data issued by the wire rope manufacturer.

8. The new and old steel wire rope is managed separately, and then classified and classified and stored in order to register the wire ropes and establish the use files of the wire rope.

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