Over molding molds

Over molding molds is quite widely used in handles ,switches and some other anti-skid tools, Sino Mould offers over molding molds, is professional over molded molds maker and specialized in making over molding molds.
Over molding molds, basically needs at least two sets injection molds, is suitable for making double color moulds, but the customer don’t have double color machine, so they buy two sets mould, one mold makes the base structure or base color, then put this ready part to another mould to cover a another color or material to make the products completely. In the injection molds industry, the two sets are called over molding molds or over molded molds. Compared with double color molds, there are two advantages of over molding molds, one: one standard machine can use these two set molds, there is no need to buy a new double color  injection machines; two: The machine model is smaller than two color injection machine, the machine cost can be reduced.
Sino Mould have rich experience in making over molding maker, we have made over molding molds for switches, handles, baby stool… The injection parts are pretty good and got customer’s nice approvals. Anyone who wants to buy over molding molds China, welcome to contact Sino Mould, the famous over molding moulds maker in China.

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