Participants of Binzhou City’s high-quality development and major project site observation meeting observed the full body assembly project of Weiqiao Lightweight Base and Weiqiao National Science and Technology Park (Binzhou) Science and Technology Park

On the afternoon of August 8, the participants of the 24 high-quality development and major project site observation meeting of the city, under the leadership of city leaders such as She Chunming and Song Yongxiang, observed the lightweight technology of Shandong Hongao Automobile at the Weiqiao lightweight production base Co., Ltd. lightweight full body assembly project.Zhang Hongxia, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Weiqiao Venture Group, accompanied the observation.

The lightweight full body assembly project of Shandong Hongao Automobile Lightweight Technology Co., Ltd. adopts advanced and mature technology at home and abroad, and introduces advanced key equipment from abroad. The manufacturing process has reached the leading level at home and abroad. Through the development of three-dimensional bending technology, low deformation and high strength welding technology, High-reliability cold chain technology, frame structure optimization simulation technology, etc., realize the supply of all-aluminum body, comprehensively develop the market of lightweight aluminum alloy materials for transportation, and finally realize mass production of vehicle sharing and assembly manufacturing.

The lightweight full body assembly project of Shandong Hongao Automobile Lightweight Technology Co., Ltd. mainly constructs stamping workshops, profile processing workshops, body-in-white welding workshops, surface treatment workshops and other public and auxiliary facilities, purchases and installs double-head CNC sawing machines, three-axiscnc, Deep bending machine, automatic hydraulic press line, automatic connection device (six-axis robot), uncoiling shear line, laser cutting machine, CMT arc welding robot, SPR robot, FDS robot, glue coating robot, main welding and conveying of body assembly 155 sets (sets) of main equipment such as line and pre-processing equipment, reaching an annual output of 25 stamping parts, 5 body-in-white assemblies, 5 profile parts, and 100 molds.Up to now, the profile processing workshop has been put into operation, the product production is stable, and the stamping workshop and welding workshop are in the debugging stage.

Weiqiao Guoke (Binzhou) Science and Technology Park under construction

During the observation this morning, the participants observed the Weiqiao Guoke (Binzhou) Science and Technology Park under construction. In August 2019, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shandong Weiqiao Entrepreneurship Group Co., Ltd., and CITIC Trust reached a strategic cooperation to adopt an integrated construction model of research institutes and universities to create a “talent training, scientific and technological research and development, innovation incubation, industry cultivation, and supporting services.” ”And other functions as one of the innovative ecology.Bohai University of Science and Technology adopts the “8+7” model to build seven colleges in one-to-one correspondence with research centers. Each college is also a corresponding research center. There are any research centers for any college. Experts and scholars can While doing scientific research in class, their scientific research results are directly transferred to the Demonstration Park for the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements, forming a model of “integration of production, study, research and application”.Weiqiao National Science Research Institute actively promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and cooperates with the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the national science and technology major project (1 special project) ultra-high-precision photoresist, long-distance laser strobe imaging, and aluminum-based composite materials. Many major national research topics are involved , The key cutting-edge technology transformation project of scientific and technological achievements has been implemented. (Picture/Video Source Binzhou Net

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