Pay attention to details when choosing automotive lubricants

Quality level of automotive lubricants

The diesel engine under low-speed, high-load, high-speed and high-load conditions is lubricated with CE grade oil; turbocharged diesel engines should be of CD grade and above; CF-4 is suitable for high-speed, heavy-load, and long-period diesel engines, especially suitable for highway driving . Effectively prevent piston ring wear and thickening of engine oil; CG-4 diesel engine oil is used when the fuel sulfur content is less than 0.05%; for bimetallic piston engines with higher fuel injection pressure and higher operating temperature, CH-4 diesel engine oil is used; equipped with low temperature The engine of the exhaust gas recirculation system requires the use of CI-4 diesel engine oil.

Compared with low-grade lubricants, high-grade lubricants have significantly improved anti-oxidation ability and detergency and dispersion ability.In addition, it has been significantly optimized in terms of valve mechanism wear protection, grease resistance, filter blockage prevention, lubricating oil loss , and low-temperature pumpability.

At present, with the promotion of national three and national four environmental protection requirements, various engine manufacturers have introduced high-quality engines (electronically controlled engines), and the use level of engine oil has also increased correspondingly. The CD level has been eliminated, and the CF and CH levels have become the mainstream . According to China’s national conditions, adverse factors such as severe vehicle overload, poor road conditions, low driver professionalism, and unstable diesel sulfur content have caused the engine to be overhauled in advance. Therefore, a high-quality engine oil should be selected.


The engine is divided into gasoline engine and diesel engine according to the engine type. Engine oil is also divided into gasoline engine oil and diesel engine oil. The quality classification of engine oil adopts API S followed by an English letter and API C followed by an English letter to indicate gasoline respectively. Engine oil and diesel engine oil, after

The lower the alphabetical order followed by   , the higher the level. For example, API SH grade is higher than API SG grade, so when selecting engine oil, it is necessary to determine whether to choose gasoline engine oil or diesel engine oil. If the engine oil package indicates API SH/CD, it means that the oil is used as gasoline engine oil to reach SH grade, and when used as diesel engine oil, the grade reaches CD.

According to the current (referring to as of October 2013), API levels are backward compatible, and API SL quality level oil can be used for engines that require API SH oil. If possible, try to use a higher-grade engine oil, because it can provide better protection for the engine. Generally speaking, the higher the quality level of engine oil, the more expensive it is. But it cannot be said in reverse.

The choice of engine oil should be determined according to the requirements of the manufacturer’s manual to determine the use of the corresponding quality level or higher. The choice of engine oil should also consider the change of seasons. Because the viscosity of the oil changes with temperature, the viscosity becomes thicker in winter and lower in summer. Therefore, in very hot areas, try to choose a higher oil viscosity oil. In the cold season, you can use a thinner oil. But now (as of October 2013) high-quality engine oil can be used in a variety of climatic conditions at the same time.

Frequently heavy-duty or older cars should choose a higher viscosity lubricant to avoid low oil pressure due to low viscosity of the lubricant, which may cause unnecessary failures. Can choose 50 or 20W/50 oil. In addition, pay attention to the engine water temperature and oil pressure at all times. If there is any abnormality, stop immediately to find the cause, and then continue driving after troubleshooting. In addition, road conditions have little effect on the choice of engine oil, but road conditions will affect the life of the oil to a large extent. In areas with poor road conditions, the oil change interval should be shortened.

In addition, the requirements of the new engine design, due to the use of electronically controlled fuel injection, catalytic converter, EGR, PCV, turbocharging, intercooling and other technologies, the working conditions of the engine are more stringent, and the selection of high-quality engine oil is also It can extend the life of the engine, reduce fuel consumption, reduce wear and tear, extend the oil change interval, save engine oil, save maintenance costs and improve efficiency. High-grade engine oil can replace low-grade engine oil, while low-grade engine oil cannot be used in advanced engines.

There are many kinds of engine oils on the market. Two different brands of engine oils are best not to be mixed. Because different brands of oils may use different additives, mixing may cause oil deterioration. If you must mix them, you can do a compatibility test of the two oils first. If they are compatible, you can, but if you use them in this way, the quality of the new oil will drop a lot. Special reminder: Because different grades and different brands of engine oils have different formulations, if they are incompatible with each other, they will cause reactions, precipitation, etc., which are unfavorable to the engine. Therefore, the engine oil must be strict, careful, and relatively fixed, and do not frequently change different brands and grades of engine oil to avoid damage to the engine.

The lubricating oil market is mixed, and it is generally difficult to distinguish the quality of engine oil based on appearance. Therefore, when buying engine oil, pay attention to choosing lubricating oils of well-known brands as much as possible, and buy them at well-known brand stores or online stores as much as possible. According to the API The oil quality grade is used to identify the quality and whether the manufacturer’s address, production date, and batch number on the oil packaging are complete and clear.

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