Peltier cooler provides thermal stability for DLP automotive headlights

(Source: official website of lairdthermal)

According to foreign media reports, Laird Thermal Systems has launched the HiTemp ET series of Peltier cooler modules, which can operate at high temperatures and provide on-site cooling for sensitive Electronic devices.

Digital light processing (DLP) technology is increasingly used in smart car headlamp systems. With this technology, the light in front of the car can be made clearer and brighter. Automotive headlamp systems can operate at temperatures as high as 110°C, while the maximum operating temperature of DLP devices is only 70°C. Exceeding the temperature limit may cause malfunction or stop operation. The use of HiTemp ET series thermoelectric cooling modules can protect sensitive DLP electronics and ensure optimum performance.

The HiTemp ET series offers active spot cooling which, depending on the active heat load, can reduce the temperature to more than 40°C below the surrounding environment. Peltier coolers provide reliable solid-state construction for long-term operation in a compact form factor that fits into tight spaces in automotive headlamps. In addition, the Peltier cooler does not exhaust, preventing buildup on the light glass.

Like passive cooling solutions, the active HiTemp ET series can also be integrated into DLP automotive headlight systems. Cooling modules and interface materials are typically used on the cold side and are in direct contact with the DLP. Then, the cooling module is brought into contact with the Peltier cooler. When the HiTemp ET series is powered up, the Peltier modules absorb heat and deliver it to the hot side. The cooling mechanism usually includes a heat sink and a fan, and the heat does not enter the surrounding environment.

The operating temperature of the HiTemp ET series is between 80 and 150°C. The wide range of product models in this series can accommodate applications with different heat pump requirements, geometries and input powers to meet various DLP design requirements.

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