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 Plastic fruit crate is widely used by customers. Comparing with wood crate, plastic crate is much lighter and easier to take and stack, which can save the space a lot. Sino is a professional fruit crate mould manufacturer.

Fruit crate is used to transport and store fruit, there is no doubt that strong enough is the first point. Sino can make reinforcing rib to meet the needs and do not affect the beauty appearance. Then, the crate often be carried by people, so it should not have any flash, especially in the handle part. Sino own many precise equipments to machining the steel. The mould manufactured by us has a good exhaust air system but without any flash. Thirdly, the stackable character is significant, which can save a lot of space. So when we design the mould, we always take this point into consideration and make sure it can be stacked easily.

In addition, there are various kinds of fruit in the market and they have different requirements to the crate. Such as mango cannot endure big press on it, so the crate should not be very deep. Sino can help customer to choose how much high and what hole size is the most suitable.

If you have any interested in fruit crate mould, welcome your inquiry.


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