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 Sino Mould Co., Ltd is a world famous Chinese plastic mould company in Southeast of China. As a professional commodity mould manufacturer and exporter, we are good at making all kinds of table mould, no matter round table mould, square table mould or any others.

The most popular table mould is the one which can remove its legs. It is more convenient to transport and to carry. What’s more, it occupies less area. Usually, we choose P20 for the steel, and the material can be use PP. The cycle time is 90s in DKM1300 with robot. Our delivery time for table mould is around 70 days from design confirmed to the mold first test samples delivery. The mould life will be guaranteed 500,000 shots by China MOULD. We have a professional project manager follow your project after you order. Otherwise, we also have own quality control department to make sure that your mould is qualified before delivery.

If you have table mould or any other commodity mould, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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