PowerintLNK457DG7WB10 LED Lamp Power Solution (DER324)

/a>LED” title=”LED”>LED” title=”LED”>LED lamp power supply adopts LNK457DG of LinkSwitch-PL series, with single-stage PFC and precise constant current (CC) output and low cost components with few and small Features of size, AC input voltage 90V-132V, efficiency greater than 90% at 115VAC, PF greater than 0.95, integrated no-load detection/short circuit protection, automatic recovery from thermal shutdown, and can replace B10 incandescent lamps. This article introduces the LinkSwitch-PL series product highlights, block diagram, typical application circuit and 7W PFC LED driver specifications, circuit diagram, bill of materials and PCB layout.

The LinkSwitch-PL family enables a very small and low cost single-stage power factor corrected constant current driver for solid state lighting. Optimized for direct LED current sensing, the LinkSwitch-PL operates over a wide input voltage range delivering an output power of up to 16 W. The LinkSwitch-PL control algorithm provides flicker-free TRIAC dimming with minimal external components.

Each device incorporates a 725 V rated power MOSFET, a novel discontinuous mode variable frequency variable on-time controller, frequency jitter, cycle by cycle current limit and hysteretic thermal shutdown in a monolithic 4-pin IC, available in SO-8C, eSOP- 12, and eDIP-12 packages.

LinkSwitch-PL series product highlights:

Dramatically Simplifies Off-line LED Drivers

• Flicker-free phase-controlled TRIAC dimming

• Single stage power factor correction and accurate constant current (CC) output

• Very low component count with small non-electrolytic bulk capacitor for compact replacement lamp designs

• Compact SO8, eSOP, and eDIP packages

• Completely eliminates control loop compensation

Advanced Performance Features

• Optimized for non-isolated flyback designs

• Frequency jitter greatly reduces EMI filter size and costs

• Low dissipation direct sensing of LED current

Advanced Protection and Safety Features

• Cycle skipping regulation for abnormally low output power to clamp peak output current delivered

• 725 V integrated power MOSFET allows small bulk capacitance and maximizes power capability

• Short-circuit, overload, open feedback and output overvoltage protection

• Hysteretic thermal shutdown

• Meets high-voltage creepage between DRAIN and all other pins both on PCB and at package EcoSmart™ – Energy Efficient

• High power factor optimizes system lumen per input VA

• Control algorithm balances switching and conduction losses over line and load to maintain optimum efficiency
PowerintLNK457DG7WB10 LED Lamp Power Solution (DER324)
figure 1. LinkSwitch-PL series functional block diagram
PowerintLNK457DG7WB10 LED Lamp Power Solution (DER324)
figure 2. Typical application circuit diagram of LinkSwitch-PL series
PowerintLNK457DG7WB10 LED Lamp Power Solution (DER324)
image 3.5W 15V LED Driver Circuit Diagram for Alternative A19 Incandescent Lamp Using LinkSwitch-PL Series

7W PFC LED Driver for B10 Lamp Replacement Using LinkSwitchTM-PL Series LNK457DG

This document is an engineering report describing a non-isolated LED driver (power supply) utilizing a LNK457DG from the LinkSwitch-PL family of devices.

The DER-324 provides a single 7 W constant current output.

The key design goals were high efficiency to maximize efficacy and small size. This allowed the driver to fit into B10 sized lamps and be as close to a production design as possible.

The board was optimized to operate over the low AC input voltage range (90 VAC to 132 VAC, 47 Hz to 63 Hz). LinkSwitch-PL IC based designs provide a high power factor (>0.95) meeting current international requirements.

The form factor of the board was chosen to meet the requirements for standard B10 LED replacement lamps. The output is non-isolated and requires the mechanical design of the enclosure to isolate the output of the supply and the LED load from the user.

7W PFC LED driver main features:

 Single-stage power factor corrected and accurate constant current (CC) output

 Low cost, low component count and small PCB footprint solution

 Highly energy efficient, >90 % at 115 VAC input

 No potting is needed to operate at 75 ºC internal case ambient.

 Fast start-up time (<50 ms) – no perceptible delay

 Integrated protection and reliability features

 No-load protection / hard short-circuit protection

 Auto-recovering thermal shutdown with large hysteresis protects both components and PCB

 No damage during line brown-out or brown-in conditions

 PF >0.95 at 115 VAC

 %A THD <25% at 115 VAC

 Meets IEC 2.5 kV ring wave, 500 V differential line surge and EN55015 conducted EMI
PowerintLNK457DG7WB10 LED Lamp Power Solution (DER324)
Figure 4. 7W PFC LED Driver PCB Outline Drawing (Top View)
PowerintLNK457DG7WB10 LED Lamp Power Solution (DER324)
Figure 5.Outline drawing of PCB installed in B10 lampshade
7W PFC LED Driver Specifications:
PowerintLNK457DG7WB10 LED Lamp Power Solution (DER324)
PowerintLNK457DG7WB10 LED Lamp Power Solution (DER324)
Figure 6. 230 V / 30 mA Alternative Lamp Circuit Diagram
230 V / 30 mA replacement lamp bill of materials:
PowerintLNK457DG7WB10 LED Lamp Power Solution (DER324)
PowerintLNK457DG7WB10 LED Lamp Power Solution (DER324)
Figure 7. 7W PFC LED Driver PCB Component Layout (Top Layer)
PowerintLNK457DG7WB10 LED Lamp Power Solution (DER324)
Figure 8. 7W PFC LED Driver PCB Component Layout (Bottom Layer)
For details, see:

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