Precautions for automotive relays

Precautions for automotive relays:

There are sealed type relays such as plastic sealed type among automotive relays. These models not only have excellent environmental resistance, but are also effective in dealing with failures during printed board mounting such as automatic soldering and cleaning. The features and precautions for use of automotive relays will be described below. Please discuss them when using them to avoid malfunctions.

1. About the use environment

Plastic is not suitable for environments with special requirements for airtightness. There is no problem in using it on normal flat ground, but please avoid using it under pressure other than (96±10kPa). And avoid using in flammable and explosive gas environment. In this case, please use metal reed relays.

2. About cleaning

When cleaning the printed board after the printed board is soldered, it is recommended to use alcohol for cleaning. Please avoid ultrasonic cleaning. If ultrasonic cleaning is used, ultrasonic energy may cause coil disconnection and slight stickiness of the contacts.

Storage and transportation of automobile relays:

1. Whether the relay has icing or condensation. (Especially when transported by ship)

2. Whether the temperature is within the allowable range.

3. Whether the humidity is within the allowable range.

4. Whether there is organic gas or sulfide gas in the surrounding environment.

5. Whether there is a small amount of garbage and dust in the storage place.

6. Whether oil, moisture, etc. adhere to the relay.

7. Whether a large load is applied to the relay.

8. Whether it has received an impact beyond the allowable range during transportation. oscillation.

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