principle of CNC Swiss type Automatic Lathe processing

Swiss type lathe also known as CNC Sliding Headstock Automatic Lathe , the difference between its working principle and common CNC lathe is when manufacture slender shaft workpiece, the tool does not move. the direction of Z axis is headstock spindle chuck clamping materials foreword and backword moving. the material through automatic feeding machine,pass the material enter inside the main spindle from the rear end of the spindle box, and then into guide sleeve on the front end of the main spindle. Cross over the alloy guide sleeve which is fixed in the guide sleeve, and synchronously rotated with the movable guide sleeve. And in the same time,help to sustian the materials. In practical application, according to the demand of products in different industries, the structure of the guide sleeve and non guide sleeve can be used. The difference between swiss cnc lathe with guide sleeve and without guide sleeve:Movable guide sleeve which is composed of many parts, a drive shaft, a guide sleeve supporting frame, guide sleeve outer wall, rotary bearing, the first and second synchronous belt.Rotary of spindle turned drive shaft through  first synchronous belt, drive shaft turned movable guide sleeve through a second synchronous belt , so that the activities of the guide sleeve and the spindle at the same speed, which can maximum reduce the wear down of raw materials and accuracy of workpiece. the biggest advantage of swiss lathe with guide sleeve is slender shaft parts processing, materials with high hardness, high precision.but the tail of material is little long,120-180mm. Non guide sleeve is actually lengthen the front end of the main spindle and take away movable guide sleeve,.The advantage of this structure is tail materails is short, but it is only suitable for doing small length ratio,less hardness of the material, raw material is short,flat material which unable feeding by feeder.Cnc Swiss type Automatic Lathe could do turning, milling, drilling, etc various dynamic milling and mixing processing . It is suitable for machining complex, high precision, large quantities of shaft workpiece.Previous: Difference between Swiss type cnc lathe and gang type cnc latheNext: Can President Trump Make U.S. Manufacturing Great Again in cnc machining field

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