Problems in the design of CNC machining fixtures

A large number of jigs are used in cold and hot processes such as machining, inspection, assembly, welding and heat treatment of mechanical manufacturing. The so-called cnc machining fixture is the device that is used to fix the machining object so that it occupies the correct position and accepts construction or inspection.
CNC machining fixture design
A large number of CNC machining fixtures are used in the manufacture of machinery, and the machine tool fixture is one of the fixtures. It is mounted on the machine to maintain the correct relative position of the workpiece relative to the tool and to withstand the cutting forces. The functions of CNC machining fixtures are mainly as follows:
1. It is easier and more stable to ensure the machining accuracy. Because the workpiece is clamped by the CNC machining fixture, the position of the workpiece relative to the machine tool (tool) is guaranteed by the fixture, which is basically not affected by the technical level of the worker, so it can be easier and more Stablely ensure the machining accuracy of the workpiece;
2, improve labor productivity, because the use of CNC machining fixtures, the workpiece does not need to be straightforward alignment, clamping is also convenient and rapid, significantly reducing the auxiliary time, improve labor productivity; expand the use of machine tools, because the use of special CNC machining The fixture can change the use of the machine tool and expand the scope of use of the machine tool. For example, after installing the die clamp on the lathe or rocker turning bed, the box hole system can be boring;
3. Improve labor conditions and ensure production safety, because the use of special CNC processing fixtures can reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve working conditions, reduce the requirements for workers' technical level of operation, and ensure safety.
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