Punch manufacturers remind these five points to pay attention to in production and processing

The weather is getting colder, users should pay attention to these five points when using the punch, in order to improve production efficiency:

  • 1. For the transmission parts exposed outside the punch, a protective cover must be installed. It is forbidden to drive or test in an environment where the protective cover is removed.
  • 2. Before starting the press, check whether the main fastening screws are loose, whether the mold is cracked, whether the operating mechanism, automatic assembly, clutch, and brake are normal, and whether the lubrication system is blocked or lacks oil. You can drive an empty car to test if necessary.
  • 3. When installing the mold, the mold must be opened to the lower death point, and the closing height must be accurate, even if the unlucky load is avoided; the mold must be fastened and firm, and the pressure test must be introspected.
  • 4. Pay attention to everything, and it is strictly forbidden to put your hands, objects, etc. into the danger zone. Small pieces must be handled with special objects (tweezers or feeding mechanism). When the mold is stuck on the blank, only the object is allowed to release it.
  • 5. The punch is running very or very noisy, (such as battering, popping), and the material should be delivered at the end and reflect on the reason. If the migration and transformation parts are loose, the control assembly is loose, the mold is loose and defective, the work should be stopped for inspection and repair.

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