Reasons Of Lifting Crane Hoist Hook Breakage

Reasons of lifting crane hoist hook breakage


We have seen many accidents caused by the sudden breakage of the crane hoist lifting hook. After many analyses and 

studies by experts, it is concluded that most of the fractures are retracted at the end of the hook of the hook active link. At 

the sipe journal, the material design here is generally DG20 steel, and the lifting weight is generally 5-10 tons.


When the fracture surface gradually expands, the crack above becomes wider and wider. When the crack spreads to a 

certain angle, it means that the service life of the hook has reached the end. From the load-bearing characteristics of the 

hook, it belongs to an intermittent load, daily construction


When the crane hoist hook is deflected while lifting the heavy object, the load on the hook rod is significantly increased, resulting in the hook being in an unsafe state.


Therefore, when lifting the cargo with the lifting device, several problems are needed to protect the safety of the hook:


1. Whenever we need to work in strict accordance with the requirements of the work, it is strictly forbidden to overload when the hook is lifted.


2. In the process of lifting the cargo, we must slowly lift the cargo, and it cannot start too fast to avoid the impact load.


3. Always check the position of the crane hoist hook rod, check and maintain the structural components of the hook rod, and update if it is scrapped.


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