Renesas Electronics RA Product Family MCU Receives CAVP Comprehensive Encryption Algorithm Suite Certification

[Introduction]May 19, 2022, Beijing, China – Renesas Electronics (TSE: 6723), a global semiconductor solutions provider, today announced that its 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M microcontroller (MCU) RA product family The security engine is certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cryptographic Algorithm Verification Program (CAVP). A certified SCE9 protected-mode driver will be included in the RA family of products Flexible Configuration Package (FSP) v3.6.0 and later.

Renesas Electronics RA Product Family MCU Receives CAVP Comprehensive Encryption Algorithm Suite Certification

The Renesas RA6M4, RA6M5, RA4M2, and RA4M3 MCU product groups have obtained NIST CAVP comprehensive encryption algorithm certification, including multiple modes of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Hash Algorithm, Rivest Shamir Adleman (RSA) and Elliptic Curve Cryptography ( ECC) key generation and verification, key agreement schemes and pseudo-random number generator (DRBG). NIST CAVP certification provides independent verification of the correct implementation of encryption algorithms and is critical to ensuring the interoperability of connections.

Renesas announced last year that its RA series products have achieved both PSA Level 2 certification and IoT Platform Security Evaluation Standard (SESIP) certification.

Roger Wendelken, Senior Vice President, IoT and Infrastructure Business Division, Renesas Electronics, said: “With the CAVP certification, combined with the existing SESIP1 and PSA Level 2 certifications, Renesas can provide a comprehensive IoT security solution for a wide range of connected applications. Domain users can have confidence in the security of their data in applications implemented with RA products.”

Renesas’ unique integrated security architecture provides a time- and energy-saving solution with an unlimited number of secure key storage capabilities. A recently completed independent evaluation compared the SCE9’s protected-mode operation to some of the industry’s best secure elements. Mario Noseda from the Faculty of Engineering, Zurich University of Applied Sciences said: “SCE9 not only has strong encryption power, but also gets rid of the serial interface (usually I2C) with externally connected devices, which brings various advantages. High speed The internal data bus greatly reduces the time required for data transfer between the MCU and the SCE9 and, more importantly, completely eliminates a point of attack. This also becomes a huge selling point for MCUs that include the SCE9.” For a detailed evaluation white paper, visit:

Management of encryption keys is critical to maintaining the integrity of security products. The new secure key management tool provides a straightforward mechanism for preparing keys for secure installation and security updates, supporting development, production configuration, and key updates for field products. Its GUI interface is designed to help developers, especially those new to security solutions, create prototypes and proof-of-concepts with test keys. The command line interface coordinates multiple developers and supports configuration and update management of production keys. The downloadable application project demonstrates how to use existing Renesas tools to perform security key installation and update for development and production. For a complete list of security-oriented software, tools and solutions, visit:

In addition to widely recognized industry certifications, Renesas RA MCUs provide users with advanced IoT security by combining a NIST CAVP-certified secure encryption engine based on Arm TrustZone® of Armv8-M. The RA product family incorporates hardware-based security features ranging from simple AES acceleration to fully integrated cryptographic subsystems isolated within the MCU. The secure encryption engine provides symmetric and asymmetric encryption/decryption, hash functions, true random number generator (TRNG) and advanced key management functions, including key generation and unique key encapsulation functions related to MCU hardware. Access management circuitry shuts down the encryption engine if the correct access protocol is not followed, and built-in dedicated RAM ensures that the plaintext key is never exposed to any CPU or peripheral bus.

About Renesas RA MCUs

The RA product family ecosystem accelerates the development of IoT applications through core technologies such as cybersecurity, functional safety, connectivity and HMI (Human Machine Interface). Engineers designing with RA MCUs can easily develop IoT endpoints and edge devices for applications such as industrial and building automation, metering, healthcare, and home appliances. The RA product family includes the RA2 series (up to 48MHz), the RA4 series (up to 100MHz), the RA6 series (up to 240MHz) and the upcoming single-core/dual-core RA8 series. To learn more about RA MCUs, visit:

About Renesas Electronics Group

Renesas Electronics (TSE: 6723), technology makes life easier, is committed to creating a safer, smarter, and sustainable future. As a global microcontroller supplier, Renesas combines expertise in embedded processing, analog, power, and connectivity to provide complete semiconductor solutions. A successful product portfolio accelerates time-to-market for automotive, industrial, infrastructure and IoT applications, empowering billions of connected smart devices to improve the way people work and live. For more information, visit Follow Renesas Electronics WeChat Official Account to discover more exciting content.

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