Research and development of automobile frame-type substance sequence

Our company used vacuum thermoforming technology in the production of Fukang car floor mats, sun visors and 201 truck dashboards. The method is to use only one domestic vacuum pump for vacuuming. A zx-3oA vacuum pump produced by Wuxi Vacuum Pump Factory is used. Its parameters are: pumping rate 3O1/S, that is, the pumping capacity is 108 resistance/h, the ultimate pressure is 6×10-ZPa, the motor power is 3KW, and the noise 82dB, the pump is also equipped with a cooling water system.

The vacuum pump is kept on during production, and when it needs to be evacuated, the hot air can only be slowly pumped away, so that the edges and corners of the products are unclear and fail to meet the product quality requirements. At the same time, the noise of the vacuum pumps at the production site is loud, which affects the health of workers and consumes a lot of cooling water. In order to ensure product quality, improve workers’ working conditions, and reduce water consumption, we consulted relevant foreign technical materials, visited and analyzed relevant equipment produced in Germany and Italy, and learned lessons from unsuccessful experiences based on the characteristics of vacuum thermoforming technology. Cooperate with manufacturers to research, develop, design, and manufacture vacuum systems for automotive trims, instead of vacuuming with a single vacuum pump, and mass-produce qualified trim products.

Vacuum and technical membranes, vacuum smelting, vacuum degassing, and vacuum pouring in the metallurgical industry. “Vacuum” refers to the gas state in a given space that is lower than the standard for casting, vacuum rolling, vacuum distillation and vacuum overpressure in the chemical industry. . Vacuum freeze-drying and vacuum concentration in the instrument industry. In the vacuum technology, the machine is in the vacuum state. The vacuum heat treatment and vacuum welding in the gas machinery industry. The degree of thinness in the pharmaceutical industry is called the vacuum degree. Bacteria, vacuum drying, vacuum environment modulus of aerospace technology), expressed in Torr as a unit, converted by pressure, and artificial satellite research.

In order to meet the requirements of users, the production of automotive products such as Itor 2 13.332Pa. The production of automotive products such as trims also uses vacuum technology in large quantities. According to the different vacuum degree, the vacuum interval is usually divided from the use of vacuum technology in various industries, and the main pursuit is: the following purposes: rough vacuum: less than 760-IOTor, about 101. Apply vacuum technology to make a certain space anaerobic 1.3 mba performs a certain process in an air-free state to improve product quality, low vacuum: less than 10 to 10 to 3 Tor, which is about 1.3 to vacuum smelting in the metallurgical industry.

Apply vacuum technology to make the heated material extremely high vacuum in the mold: less than 10ITor material is molded and shaped to produce a product with a set shape, such as a car using mechanical, physical, chemical or physical chemical methods to make decorative parts. The machine or device that pumps the volume to obtain a vacuum is called a vacuum pump.

is generally divided into three categories: volume, jet and other types of automotive trim vacuum thermoforming technology is vacuum technology. The vacuum pump used for automotive trim is a type of volumetric vacuum. From the perspective of the production of automobile trims at home and abroad, rotary vane vacuum pumps such as pumps have been widely used. Using vacuum thermoforming technology, the basic characteristics of the process are the main performance indicators of the vacuum pump; ultimate vacuum: under the given conditions, the temperature of the material used for vacuum forming is high (generally stable after fully exhausting the vacuum pump). The lowest pressure.

The forming of the heated material forms the maximum back pressure during the initial pressure of the mold: the airtight volume of the vacuum of the fore-vacuum is required for evacuation; when the pump is running under the specified load, its back pressure is increased to 5. Use a When a single vacuum pump cannot produce a certain value, the pump loses its normal pumping capacity, which is an inverted automotive trim product. The pressure is called the maximum back pressure. According to the previous experience and lessons of our company, during the inspection, the starting pressure is divided into: the pump can start the work to analyze the production capacity of automobile trims in Germany, Italy, Japan and other countries.

After preparation, it is necessary to reliably realize the use of vacuum thermal vacuum technology for automotive trim parts, which has been widely used in various sectors of the national economy, and type technology is used for production. According to its process characteristics, it should be used for exhaust and vacuum of electric vacuum devices in the electronics industry. Plating system. Vacuum system: The vacuum system for the production of decorative parts is composed of seven parts: vacuum pump, vacuum tank, suction filter, solenoid valve, vacuum pressure gauge, electrical and pipeline. The vacuum pump is the heart of the vacuum system. The vacuum degree (residual pressure) of the vacuum pump is within the range of the rough vacuum degree, that is, within 101 to 1.3mba, and its exhaust volume must meet the requirements of the trim production process. The vacuum tank is an important part of the vacuum system and an accumulator. When the machine is turned on and the vacuum is not pumped, the vacuum pump draws out the gas in it to reach the set vacuum.

When performing vacuuming operations, the vacuum tank will generate a great suction force, which will suck the heated object (such as PvC skin) to the surface of the mold in an instant, so that the object is formed and shaped. At the same time, the vacuum pump will continuously pump out the gas, hot moisture, dust particles, etc. in the vacuum tank to keep the system within the set vacuum. The solenoid valve is the electronically controlled automatic switch of the vacuum system. When vacuuming is needed, it can be realized by turning on the power to open the solenoid valve: when vacuuming is not required, the solenoid valve will be closed as long as the power is cut off to complete the action.

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