Sell disposable syringe mould and production machine,production line

Disposable syringe is a main product of medical use. Sino Holdings Group offers complete disposable syringe production line for customers from all around the world. We offer customers turnkey solution.
The complete production line includes moulds, injection machine(syringe production machine), other machines such as printing machine, factory services (building and power not included), installation and training, after-sales services, etc.
Sino is leading Chinese mould manufacturer. We are syringe mould manufacturer.

For a complete syringe, five moulds are needed. They are barrel mould, plunger mould, gasket mould, needle cap mould and hub mould. With needle together, they could form a syringe.
For barrel and plunger, we could manage from 0.5ml to 60ml, the cavities number from 16 cavities to 128 cavities. For gasket, we could manage from 1ml to 50 ml, and cavity number up to 160 cavities.
As a group company, Sino offers injection machine and other auxiliary machines, such as auto-loader etc. Injection machine to produce syringe is usually not big machine, even with large cavity NO.
You could get your production line ready in about 2-3 months, including factory design, production line design, mould and machine manufacturer, anti-dust workshop setup, top crane and machine installation, staff training etc.
Sino offer not only a mould, but a fine solution. If you need a solution for your syringe project, please come to Sino mould.

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