Sensor technology and industry characteristics

Sensor technology and industry characteristicsThe characteristics of sensor technology and its industry can be summarized as: the foundation and the application are dependent; the technology and investment are both intensive; the products and the industry are scattered.Attachment to both foundation and applicationBasic dependence means that the development of sensor technology is dependent on the four cornerstones of sensitive mechanism, sensitive materials, process equipment and measurement technology. Sensitive mechanisms are very different, sensitive materials are diverse, process equipment is different, and measurement technology is very different. Without the support of the above four cornerstones, sensor technology is unsustainable.Application dependency means that sensor technology is basically an application technology, and its market development mostly relies on the application of detection devices and automatic control systems, in order to truly reflect its high additional benefits and form a realistic market. That is to say, the development of sensor technology must be market-oriented and demand-driven.Technology and investment are both intensiveTechnology intensive refers to the diversity, marginality, comprehensiveness, and skill of the sensor in the development and manufacturing process. It is a collection of multiple high-tech products. As technology is intensive, it naturally requires talent intensive.Investment intensive refers to the research, development and production of a certain sensor product that requires a certain investment intensity, especially in engineering research and the establishment of scale economy production lines, which require larger investment.Products and industries are scatteredThe two major dispersions of product structure and industrial structure refer to the wide variety of sensor product categories (a total of 10 categories and 42 sub-categories of nearly 6000 varieties), and its application penetrates into various industrial sectors, and its development has the driving force of the development of various industries. , And strongly rely on the supporting role of various industries. Only by continuously adjusting the industrial structure and product structure in accordance with market demand, can the sensor industry be comprehensive, coordinated, and sustained.
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