Silicon Tube Inspection Parameters Management Regulations

Tensile test
Use hand to pull silicon tube back and forth in 3 times ,should no obvious deformation or elongation , and no crack and no crumple in the silicone tubes appearance after bending crumple
Resistance test
The silicone tube shoud off-sef in 5 second after burning
Engaging force test
At fist the silicon tube will be folded in 180 degrees in 3-5 times , then proceed puncture test
High temperature resistant test
The appearance of the test silicone tube is not  yellow, the bubble ,after be put into tunnel furnace(1-2m) in 45 minutes .the temperature in tunnel furnace is 120 centigrade . Then the higt temperature silicone tube is to puncture test , and meet the pressure requirements.
Puncture test
Take through above tests (High temperature resistant test , engaging force test and tensile test ) silicone tube sampling and sample ,then take the corresponding conductor (brass or iron bars) through the silicone tube, one end of the puncture machine contact with the conductor, the other end moves back and forth the silicone tube which be through by conductor , when the silicone tube Is punctured,along with alarm sound was substandard goods, and vice versa for the qualified product .
The silicone tube puncture requirements are as following:
Dimension specification (mm)
 Pressure value (V)
 Leakage current (mA)
Pressure time (s)
Strike perforation(m)
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