Silicone Microwave Bowl–A Folding Bowl Really Meets Housewife’s Need

   What kind of microwave cookware do you own?   Chinaware?   Plastic microwave ware?   Microwave glass cookware?   You still complain fragile chinaware, heavy weight glass cookware and worry about the safety of plastic microwave ware? Now, silicone microwave bowl can well solve your trouble.    A foldable BPA free bowl, making up by 100% food grade silica gel, offer you a good experience of cooking.In order to meet your need, three size of silicone bowl are offered:S: 5.2 * 7 * 5 cmM:  9.5 * 12 * 8 cmL:  9.5 * 16 * 10.5 cm   Blue , Green and pink, three colors, pick what you like.   Heat resisting silicone microwave bowl, is non-toxic, odorless, durable and eco-friendly.   If you are interest in silicone microwave bowl, please talk with us.

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