Simple procedures for processing non-standard and CNC machining parts

Parts refer to the individual parts that cannot be disassembled in the machine. They are the basic components of the machine and the basic unit in the manufacturing process of the machine. The manufacturing process generally does not require an assembly process.Such as bushings, bushes, nuts, crankshafts, blades, gears, cams, connecting rod bodies, connecting rod heads, etc. Parts Maybe we are all impressed with it. cnc machining products generally use parts, although it is a small fastener, in fact, it has a great effect. We should know the parts, it is a standard and non-standard classification.A standard part means that it has a certain standard definition, and a non-standard part does not have a uniform standard. The processing of non-standard parts is simply the use of machinery to grind off those extra parts, so that the entire part looks more beautiful, and at the same time can make us better use.
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