Smooth the punch before driving

Many times when we use the punch press, we need to lubricate the whole equipment. This is a very important process. Let’s look at the precautions for lubrication before the punch press starts.

Pay attention to lubrication before driving and remove all floating objects on the bed. When the punch is taken out or during working punching, the operator must stand properly, and the hand and head should be kept at a certain distance from the punch, and pay attention to the punch at all times. Action to stop chatting with others. When punching or making short and small workpieces with a punching machine, special tools should not be used to directly feed or pick up parts by hand. When punching or ruining long parts with a punching press, a safety support frame or other safety measures should be taken to prevent digging injuries.

Regarding the lubrication of the press, not only the entire equipment must be operated in accordance with the process, so that adjustments can be made.

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